Four of the Best Martial Arts Novel Writers: Be Sure to Read Their Works!

Four of the Best Martial Arts Novel Writers: Be Sure to Read Their Works!

A friend of mine, who is an oriental martial arts instructor, asked me to write a biography of his life. He was thinking of something to gift himself for his twentieth year as a martial arts instructor. Already tired of getting martial arts paraphernalia, combat suits like those you can see at, being the most common, he really wanted something unique and he can be truly proud of.

The idea of having a book written about his adventures (and misadventures) is actually his wife’s. He wanted it too. And being a close friend, who knew much about his life, he thought of having me write a book. With much delight, I accepted it as a challenge!

He wanted to novelize his life as a martial artist. It’s a challenging genre that I have never actually treaded before. So, I had to find some of the best writers and novelists in the martial arts fiction genre. Here are the top five martial arts novel authors I’ve found:

  1. Kylie Chan

It’s quite peculiar for a woman to write about martial arts. But Kylie Chan proved it can be done. Under this author’s name is a long list of martial arts novel books, many of which have landed the bestsellers section of local and international bookstores. Some of her popular novels include Heaven to Wudang, Hell to Heaven, White Tiger and The Longshot. Her novels have some of the most riveting plots I’ve ever read. The action scenes are perfectly captured in words.

  1. John J. Donohue

Deshi, Kage: The Shadow: A Connor Burke Martial Arts Thriller, Sensei, and Tengu: The Mountain Goblin are just a few books that bear John Donohue’s name. A karateka and kendoka, Donohue is considered a big wig in the martial arts circle.

His over three decades of martial arts experience coupled with academic life enables him to produce martial arts literary works both in fiction and non-fiction formats. His works include the Connor Burke series: Sensei, Deshi, Tengu, and Kage.

  1. Erika Krouse

A self-professed “awful poet,” Erika Krouse transitioned from poetry to fiction. She has earned accolades for her work, Come Up and See Me Sometime. But it was her novel, Contenders, that is actually in the martial arts field. She does a fantastic job, depicting vividly what’s happening in the story.

  1. Eric Van Lustbader

Eric Van Lustbader has published over twenty-five novels (bestsellers at that!). Most iconic of which is The Ninja which introduces Nicholas Linnear – one of the modern fiction’s enduring and most beloved heroes. The novel was turned into major motion pictures. But his more popular works include the new Jason Bourne Series. A teacher by profession, it’s amazing how he can conceptualize exhilarating tales of martial arts adventure.

Before I worked on my friend’s biography, I made sure to read the works of these great writers. I’ve found them very helpful especially on how to make the story enticing for readers.

Author: Julio