• 14-Day Creative Writing Plan That Surely Works

    Writing something worth publishing doesn’t come easy. There are days when you can chunk out a book in a day but there are more days when you simply can’t start to write. This is one of the most common frustrations that many writers surely face. I, too, have found myself caught in this situation.

    Most of the time, you just have to restart your engine to produce some great pieces. I’ve done many ways to counter this writer’s block and one of the best exercises is this 14-day plan of simple writing exercises. Give this plan a try and you’ll be amazed at how it can help keep your creativity up without needing too much time.

    Go read this plan and you’ll be impressed at what you can actually do in just as short as half a month. If you’re even lucky, you can even write something that prominent publishing houses will die to have.

    Day 1: Write 10 book titles that randomly come to your mind. Don’t think of any genre.

    Day 2: Imagine a character with the personal attributes of someone close to you, but the physical description of someone you don’t really know of.

    Day 3: Create a setting that is derived from the best place or the first out-of-the-country you’ve ever been to.

    Day 4: Experience something that you’ve never tried as a kid but really wanted to try. I’ve tried trampolining and even looked for the best trampolines for adults.

    Day 5: Compose a letter to an agent that tells her how great you are.

    Day 6: Select three books in your bookshelf. Pick one chapter from each of the books. Take the first line of the first book, the second line of the next, and the last line of the last book. Create a short story out of these combined lines. The story should not be more than 1000 words.

    Day 7: Write a letter addressed to your old self telling him what he needs to be in the next five years.

    Day 8: Rewrite a folk tale that you knew by heart or have heard as a kid; but this time from the perspective of the bad guys.

    Day 9: Watch the TV. Write the first sentence that you hear and compose an essay or story based on it.

    Day 10: Turn a memorable experience in your life into a short poetry.

    Day 11: Go to the park or a coffee shop and eavesdrop on a conversation. Write a love story out of the details that you’ve heard.

    Day 12: Try any active endeavor and write about the amazing physical experience. Again, here I’ve written about my first time using the trampolines that I’ve read about at

    Day 13: Write the people whom you would like to thank should you ever publish a book or get awarded with a literary award.

    Day 14: Gather all that you’ve written throughout this half-month writing plan. Choose your favorite. Edit and polish it. You can post it in your blog or write a book. You might even have the publisher go and check your work.

    Finally always be proud of your work!

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