• Top 5 US States to Visit

    Since the US is so massive, it is really easy to find somewhere in the US that you like. If you’re not a cold weather person, go to the West Coast and get some sun in California! Tired of the heat? Head over to the Midwest or Northeast, or try Alaska! But there are 5 states that stand out above the rest that you need to visit for SURE. Here we go!

    1. Nevada

    Nevada is an odd state. For most part it is barren desert, then Las Vegas is smack in the middle of all the boringness. But there are a few interesting destinations in Nevada that are NOT Vegas! For example, you have Zion National Park. This is a region of the US untouched by development, left only for animals and occasional hikers to visit. It’s stunning, and should be a part of everyone’s US journey.

    1. Florida

    There is so much to do in Florida, it’s hard to know where to start. First let’s get the obvious out of the way: the beaches. There are all kinds of places in Florida to go to the beach, from the massive beaches of Miami to the smaller ones in the panhandle. If you like the party scene, try out some of the bigger beaches! If you’re more of a private person, consider going to a smaller, more intimate one! If you want to go to Disneyworld or Universal Studios or Harry Potter World, you’re in luck! Just visit the Orlando Area and you’re set to go!

    1. Maine

    The fall scenery IS all it’s cracked up to be. The maple trees and beautiful scenery is worth the trip to Maine, and believe me it IS a long trip. It’s as far in the Northeast as you can get in the US. But the trip is fully worth it if you can afford the time! Because at most times of the year the accommodations aren’t too expensive. It’s the perfect place to walk your dog too, so be sure to stock up on toys from Dogs Rant!

    1. New York

    New York has all kinds of beautiful buildings and sights to see, and Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum are both amazing no matter what time of year it is. There are also all kinds of businesses there; I was able to take my dog and get a high-quality, very informative dog DNA test done for my mixed breed dog. Also be sure and see the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Center!

    1. California

    And here we are: best state in the US. Do you like beaches? You’re covered. Do you like ethnic food from all over the world? Covered. Disneyland? Covered. Cali has something for everyone! It’s also one of the best places in the US for Hispanic heritage, so try some authentic Latin American food! If you can only visit one state in the US, visit Cali. You will NOT regret it; you’ll have an amazing time!

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