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  • 9 Things Enormously Successful Writers Never Do

    Some of you may wonder why some writers are more successful than many? Is there such a secret formula to success in our industry?

    Over the recent years, I’ve had the chance to work with some outstanding people in the field of writing – bloggers, authors, copywriters, etc. Each one has proven their worth and has charted their own name in this rather crowded profession. And I’ve learnt several interesting things.

    One thing that is common among these great writers is that they see to it that everything gets done despite their hectic schedule. And this is possible because they have developed good practices and habits that they diligently follow every single day.

    Their good habits include being disciplined about not doing some things.

    Here are some things I’ve learned from highly productive writers that you can start doing today:

    1. Never pursue perfection. While it is true that most of us attempt to achieve perfection, the reality is that being fixated with perfection is a complete waste of time. There is no such thing as perfect in this world – everything comes with uncertainties and complexities. Instead of focusing so much on perfection, learn to accept some errors and you’ll achieve more.
    2. Never end the day with a disorganized work space. Unless you are someone who embraces disarray or anarchy, which is rather unusual, keeping your work space always neat and clean can help free up your mind, ready for the next day’s work. Having a box or pallet collar like the ones you can read about at Kronus collars, can help make cleaning a lot easier. You can easily toss up unnecessary stuff in a large box in the office.
    3. Never get distracted. In our age where there is a whole world of distraction, it’s easy to get out of focus. Train your mind to concentrate on things that move you toward your goal or purpose. If an action, thought or thing hinders you towards that goal, stop it. Some of the best writers I know have laser focus.
    4. Never let negativity win. Negative people always abound. These nasty people are all around you. And their negativity is contagious. The most successful writers are those who are very stubborn to all these negativity. They never let negative people pull them off track.
    5. Never be limited by what others say. Highly successful writers do not depend on the decision, opinion or views of other people. They decide the course of their career and responsible for whatever the consequences. It is their personal values and convictions that they follow.
    6. Never let past failures define them. Acceptance of our mistakes is critical if you want to advance your career. It’s useless to cry over spilled milk. Learn from your failures, overcome them, and be better as you soldier on. Turn your mistakes into steppingstones toward your goal.
    7. Never stop learning, growing and innovating. When you stop learning, that’s the time you fail. Find a time in your day for study time or personal growth. Invest on reading and staying abreast with the new trends in the field of writing. Enormously successful writers are those who are committed to their craft and its advancement. Always stay open to new ideas, innovations, opinions and opportunities. What you learn will forever be part of who you are as an individual.

    What bad habits do you have as a writer? Refuse these habits now and start creating productive ones today!

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