• Looking For Books To Read This Winter? Here Are My 3 Winter Must-Reads

    Winter is not always the best time of the year, at least for me (and others) who finds much inspiration from the sun and warm weather.

    Although some people look forward to this season, I find winter days to be sluggish and boring. The days seem longer and the nights lonelier. While others prepare for the cold season by picking the best ski brands and booking trips to the best ski resorts, I scour bookstores and look for the best books to read for the most tranquil time of the year.

    The cold weather offers a perfect excuse to stay inside and catch up on all the great reads that you have had no chance to read in the past months. It’s the time of the year when you just want to stay in and wait for sun to be back. Like a bear hibernating and waiting to wake up for spring.

    Here are some great titles to read this wintertime:

    1. The Goldfinch by Donna Tarrt

    This 2014 Pultizer Prize book retells the story of Theo, who tragically loses his mother in the opening chapters of the novel. This coming of age novel is a story of hard kept secrets and art theft. It weaves the themes of love, friendship and loss into one impeccable literature. The novel is seamlessly written with great quotes to ponder upon.

    It’s set in New York during the frigid months, although there are some events take place in warm Las Vegas.

    1. The Castle by Franz Kafka

    This classic is arguably Kafka’s best and most emotional piece. Metamorphoses and The Trial have their own depth and complicated sadness, but not as poignant as this unfathomable novel. Set in a mysterious castle in a snowy environ, the novel revolves around K who is a Land Surveyor. He is sent to the castle by someone unknown for some unknown purposes. As he tries to complete his work, K always ended up with frustrations – over and over again. The novel presents you with questions and pushes you to confront yourself.

    1. When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

    Winter is the best time to read this heart-breaking memoir that retells the life of a young doctor from a promising neurosurgeon to a terminal cancer patient. Dr. Paul Kalanithi, 36, is suddenly forced to adjust his role from being a healer into a patient after being diagnosed with an inoperable lung cancer. The memoir is inherently sad, perfect for the dark winter season.

    I can’t wait to curl up and start reading each of these books! Reading these books is just as great as gliding down the frozen mountain slopes while using the one of the ski brands reviewed on this site!

    There are still a many novels and books on my bucket list that I would surely read this winter season. For sure, it will be another exciting winter reading season for me.

    How about you? What’s on your winter must-read list?

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