3 Essential Benefits of Traveling for Writers

3 Essential Benefits of Traveling for Writers


Travel has long been considered a visceral and direct way of feeding the mind and the soul. Moving around, experiencing new things and seeing unfamiliar places impact not only ones perspective but the entire way one sees the world. It lets you see the world in an entirely different lens.

As writers, we can benefit from traveling every now and then. This I experienced firsthand when I once joined my cousin on a cross-border trip in Europe. He works for an ltl shipping company which allows him to travel across different countries.

We spent a month travelling on large cargo truck – where I gained a lot of new experiences. Throughout the trip, I was working on a piece. The entire travel benefited me in several ways that include:

  1. Travel helps improve the plot, characters and the entire literary piece.

When you travel, you meet different people from all walks of life. You interact with them in the most natural way, allowing you to see the genuine human character – his frailties and strengths. These experiences allow you to give insight and depth into the characters of your literary piece.

Creating characters that are genuine and reflect the real world is a great plus for your literary pieces.  Having said that, it’s essential to directly lift these elements of humanity and put it into your compositions. By travelling, you get to see how people live their lives.

Immersing into new cultures also allows you to get a glimpse of these people’s fears, hopes, and interests that you can use when writing the entire piece. These experiences are crucial and can never be replaced with mere creativity and imagination.

  1. Travel helps calm your stress.

3-essential-benefits-of-traveling-for-writers-1You might think that my experience travelling on a full truck load transport would be stressful. Think again. On the contrary, I find the entire experience stress-relieving. When you are in a new place, you can completely forget about your worries and stressors. You feel comforted being free from all the complexities that your everyday life brings on you. You can clear your mind and see life in a more relaxed way.

For writers, untangling your mind from all of these worries can have a profound impact. It can open up your creativity and find new inspirations that you would hardly think of. Not to mention, managing these stressors is also helpful in improving your health.

  1. Travel gives you new inspirations.

Perhaps, the best benefit of traveling for writers is that this experience can give you fresh inspiration for your literary pieces. There are a lot of amazing things to experience around the world. The people, cultures, sceneries and lots more can provide an abundant source of insights that you can write about. You can even start writing about your travel experience – who knows you might be inspired to write a travelogue.

I’ve always considered travelling as a great way to refresh from the mundane life. It’s a therapy that every writer should take regularly. If you’ve run out of a good creative input, traveling can save the day!

Author: Julio